Young learners are active, curious and motivated.
They come to school eager to learn.
MY Beliefs:
As an educator I have a responsibility to cultivate this and help them grow into life long learners.
One of my responsibilities is to set up a learning environment that:
  • Engages the learners
  • Builds a caring community where it is safe to take risks
  • Provides concrete, hands-on experiences
  • Inspires and supports child driven learning
  • Develops independence
  • Encourages reflection
I have always looked for the things that pull children in:
  • blocks
  • paints
  • hands on activities
  • learning manipulatives - pattern blocks, unifix cubes, magnetic letters
  • using the natural world
  • field trips
  • following their interests
  • connecting to home

I look for ways to integrate math, literacy, science, social studies and other content areas into children’s work. Our work often involves using the technology tools we have in the classroom. I follow the interests of the child and use tools that engage them. I incorporate the NETS from ISTE and NCTE 21st literacy recommendations for learning environments.

I believe children should learn from others and contribute to the learning of others. I believe children should know about the wider community outside of our classroom. I believe I should bring the world into my classroom.

Because of my beliefs, we blog and skype to connect with others and to expand the learning environment. I view these as opportunities for using math and literacy skill as well as opportunities to expand how we do math, literacy and science in the classroom.